Our Vision

What we believe in?

In ASY we believe that to pursue our most authentic self and to find peace we must recruit both our body and our mind in an active practice.

Our practice demands from us to make a determined choice and act towards reaching our own truth.

In ASY we don’t take short cuts and we remember that the path to enlightenment is not always an easy one. We are here to support you! This is the journey we all follow together from day one on earth. We want to enjoy this journey and explore its full potential, so we are not running away; we are letting our truth manifest, and we observe.

Tamas (the heavy, grounded state of being) can only reach Satva (the peaceful , enlightened state of being) through Rajas (the active, ever changing state of being).

Sounds a bit fancy? Don’t worry! It is easy once you connect! Our team of experienced teachers is dedicated to provide guidance to all levels of practice in a genuine and professional environment. They will encourage you to find your sanctuary through action.

Our community is small and intimate so personal approach and attention to beginners is guaranteed! We can’t wait you to join us whenever you are ready!

Your Teacher’s vow

My dear students!  With love and devotion, I welcome you to my studio. This is a space of learning; a space in which we practice the traditional, physical, mental and spiritual path of Yoga. This is a space in which we can learn to experience our life to its fullest.

Here, as your teacher, I can only see you as the divine beings you truly are. I can see only your authentic selves, stripped from all other labels you acquire through your journey in this lifetime. This is a space to which I welcome you and urge you to arrive with an open mind, a vulnerable soul and a peaceful heart.

I hereby vow to always treat you with respect, compassion and empathy. I vow to give you all the knowledge I can give, without holding any of it for my own, and to be honest regarding the limits of my knowledge. I vow to respect the tradition of our practice and yet to remain open to its ever-changing nature.  I vow to manage the business with integrity and to guide all the teachers in the space to follow a similar path.

I will hold space for your experiences on the mat, both positive and negative, and also the ones which are yet misunderstood: experiences of satisfaction as well as those of judgement; attachment as well as grief. The mat is where truth can face us in its most brutal way and it is also the space where all of our dreams can come true. I believe that through intention and devotion our practice can support us on the way to fulfilment in any aspect of our lives.

Here, you are always welcome; you are always safe and understood; you are always both embraced and free.

This is what I vow to you,


Your teacher,

Anna Bukchin

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