Five traditional Yogi parables that will remind you that all is one, life is simple and you are doing just fine!


Yogi stories and traditional texts in general tend to be complex, encompass several meanings at once and often leave us more confused than satisfied. Here are few great Yogi tales which simply make since! Hopefully, those will leave your heart a little bit more settled and warm, no matter which tradition you follow or trust.


I’ve collected these stories from several amazing teachers I met along my way. None of them claimed those parables or any particular interpretation of them to themselves, nor do I claim these to be mine. These are all simple, traditional tales that been passed on and gained many interpretations and versions throughout the years. This is how I see these stories and I am gifting them to you with love and humility. I am filled with gratitude thinking that you will pass them on as the stories of life.


A Drop in the Ocean:


One drop of water is lost in the ocean. It moves with the waves and changes directions from time to time. The drop asks itself, ‘What moves me? Is there a purpose to my existence?’ It is constantly questioning whether there is a God that leads its way, or something greater than all of this. It dwells in suffering, asking questions that cannot be answered. The drop can’t ever see that it is a part of the ocean, and that the ocean is one with the drop.

The drop is one human soul and the ocean is the universe that surrounds it. All that you desire is already within you as all that exists is in union. Be peaceful and contempt; find fulfilment from within.


The Creation Within:


When God created the universe we live in he looked where to place his creation. There was no vacant space as God is all mighty, he is everywhere at once and there was no place to be find where he wasn’t existing himself. As there was no empty space but God still desired to give birth to the world we live in, he created space within himself for our universe to exist.

You are built in the image of God. You are a unique creator; you can create within yourself space for all that you wish for.


Grow Through Simplicity:


One student who craved knowledge went on a quest to seek a great master. He climbed to a top of a mountain, where he knew one master lived. The student climbed through rain and storm; it took him a full day to reach his teacher. When he finally arrived, the student took his boots off at the threshold and left his soaked umbrella next to them. He entered his teacher’s lodging and demanded,

‘Great master, please take me to be your disciple!’

The master replied, ‘I will take you but first tell me: did you leave your umbrella from the left or the right side of you boots?’

As the student didn’t know the correct answer he was sent away by the great master.


To climb the spiritual ladder, you must first start with the body, with simple observation and attentiveness. To achieve any desire, you must start from simplicity as all things in life are essentially simple.

Through details you can see clearly; discipline can bring you freedom.


Quiet Redemption:


A woman who been trying to conceive for many years finally had her first child. Ten days after giving birth, her child passed away.

She approached the wisest teacher in town and begged him to bring her baby back to life as she could not bear the excruciating pain of her loss.

The teacher’s advice was as follows:

‘Go through all the houses in your town and bring me one pea from each house that knew no sorrow. When you are back here you’ll know quiet redemption.’


You might not have the power to erase pain but your suffering is universal. You are not alone!



The Choice to See:


Outside a window, a wise student and his teacher observe boats that are sailing through the sea.

The teacher asks his student,

‘How can you stop those boats from sailing through the sea?’

The student, trying to impress his teacher, answers,

‘I can shut the curtains’

‘Or you can simply close your eyes’


The stream of consciousness and over-thinking is everlasting but you are the one who owns the choice to see. The solution is never outside of you!


The cold winter days are already here; stay close to yourself to keep warm.




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