In Active Sanctuary we love to talk to our members and support them through their personal Yoga journey!

Aarohee was the first member to join our sanctuary. He is a committed, inspiring student and a much appreciated part of our community. We had the opportunity to have a chat about his experience with us and we are delighted to share it with you here.

Aarohee first came to practice on January 25th and been a part of our community ever since. After only two months of regular practice with us (at least twice a week), Aarohee noticed significant improvements in his overall wellbeing and mood.

Let’s hear what Aarohee has to say about Active Sanctuary Yoga and his love for the practice.


Q: What brought you to the mat in the first place?

A: I always wanted to do Yoga. It was something I was always looking forward to do towards my overall health and wellbeing. I found Active Sanctuary Yoga, it is close to my house which gave me motivation to practice regularly. I am very happy that I came here.

Q: What do you love about the practice?

A: The best part about it is that it helps me relax, it helps me calm down. I found out a lot of things that I didn’t know before. it helped me become more flexible; I can touch my toes now! The practice helps me sleep better and it got rid of my coffee addiction.

Also, it is very nice the way Anna guides the practice. It is very peaceful and calm. The postures always helpful.

Q: What is your favourite class style at ASY?

A: My favourite is Restorative Yoga because it is easy! But Anna makes us do Power Yoga which is so hard! But I like it after I do it… After I finish the practice I feel very good. And the body feels even better the next day. I should probably say that my favourite class is power Yoga, simply because even though it is tough my body feels a lot better after doing it.

Q: Why do you like our studio in particular?

A: Everything! The tea is good. It’s one of the best parts! It is good to be here. Anna has a good personality and is a very good teacher. I met a lot of friends here and we always come and have a chat over a cup of tea. I feel more relaxed and happy and I love coming here.

Q: What other changes you can notice in your life since you’ve been practicing regularly?

A: Yoga generally improved a lot of things in my life, including my concentration. Professionally, I feel that I started concentrating better on my work. I feel more lively! It helped me overcome a few issues in my personal life. It’s kind of helpful overall.

Yoga is rooted in tradition. I like the traditional things Anna says. I am coming from India but I think she understands more than I do!


Thank you Aarohee! We are so grateful to have you in class.


Do you want to experience similar changes in your life? Are you looking for a friendly and supportive place to practice Yoga in? Do you want to enjoy Anna’s authentic and professional guidance?

Join Aarohee and become a member with us!

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