Immerse yourself in authentic Yoga practice…

Did you know that Yoga is not only physical movements on the mat?
Do you want to learn Yoga the way it really is, with all of its subtle aspects?
Heard of the 8 limbs but never quite got what each of these stands for?

Active Sanctuary Yoga is featuring a full introductory course  to the 8 limbs of Yoga!

What are the 8 limbs of Yoga?
Traditionally, the idea of Yoga (union) and the Yoga practice itself are consisted of 8 limbs, or parts:
Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. All of these are essential practices on the path to spiritual awakening. They rely on each other, and as the Yogi grows in his practice he becomes familiar with all of these aspects. Rather than focusing only on one or two of the limbs (as we modern Yogis tend to do) and thus missing out on the richness of the practice and the fulfilment it can bring to our lives.

Date and time: 8 Wednesday night sessions, 07:45-08:45 PM, starting January 30th
Your teacher: Our founder and senior Yoga teacher, Anna Bukchin

What will we do?
Each week we will discuss one of the 8 limbs of Yoga. Each limb will be explored in theory and through an active practice.
Look at it as a mini workshop on each aspect of Yoga!
All levels are welcome.

General course curriculum:
Week 1  – Wednesday, January 30th, 07:45 PM
YAMA, the ethical standards of Yoga in theory and practice, or, how to do Yoga in real life?
Week 2 – Wednesday, February 6th, 07:45 PM
NIYAMA, self discipline, or, how to love yourself the Yogi way?
Week 3 – Wednesday, February 13th, 07:45 PM
ASANA, Yoga postures: theory and practice.
Week 4 – Wednesday, February 20th, 07:45 PM
PRANAYAMA, the art of breath: theory and practice.
Week 5 – Wednesday, February 27th, 07:45 PM
PRATYAHARA, directing the senses inwards, detachment and the first steps to fulfilled meditation.
Week 6 – Wednesday, March 6th, 07:45 PM
DHARANA, concentration, the theory and practice behind focusing on one object.
Week 7 – Wednesday, March 13th, 07:45 PM
DHYANNA, meditation, theory and practice.
Week 8 – Wednesday, March 20th, 07:45 PM
SAMADHI, spiritual awakening, the ultimate goals of Yoga and a short summary of all we’ve learned so far.

This course will be beneficial for you if:
You are a Yoga newbie who wants to actually learn the practice and not only survive through another fitness class.
You are a regular practitioner that wants to explore further the various aspects of the practice.
You are interested in meditation and Yoga philosophy.
You are not sure what Yoga is and where to even start your practice.
You want to get into the habit of regular, weekly practice for your body and mind.
You are up for anything to do with Active Sanctuary and Wednesday nights are a good fit for you 😉

Investment: $240, 15% off for members.
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