Our Studio

Level 2, Suite 3, 4 Williams Road, Praharan VIC 3181

Our Studio

We are an authentic, boutique Yoga studio offering classes to all levels of students. We offer Power, Foundation and Restorative Yoga classes as well as Pilates, community Meditation and Yoga philosophy classes.

Our team of experienced teachers is dedicated to provide guidance in a genuine and professional environment. Our community is small and intimate so personal approach and attention to beginners is guaranteed!

ASY is a space in which one can find home, connection to self and inner peace through focus and movement.

We believe that to pursue our most authentic self and to find peace and freedom we must recruit both our body and our mind in an active practice.

Being real is within our reach, it is coming back in fashion and it is fun!

Join us when you are ready for your transformation or when you simply want to move.

Our timetable

Studio is open 15 minutes before the start of the class.

If you have any questions or you are new to us, pop in at least 10 minutes before the start of the class.


Please note that we are closed for public holidays and running a reduced timetable between December 16th – February 2nd.

(all introductory offers and membership are extended for closure of three days or more in one week)


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How to find Us?

Our studio is located near the corner of Dandenong road (Princess highway) and Williams Road in Prahran. It is in Suite 3 of the NCA building, go straight through the drive way and up the stairs.

Parking is easy!

We have our own free customer parking behind the building (four spots only) and lots of free two and four hour parking in the side streets close by.

Is it your first time?

Don’t worry about anything! You don’t need to bring anything beside your most authentic self. We provide FREE Yoga mats, all required equipment and also a cup of tea or water. You can bring your own water bottle to take into class and a towel if you need one. We also have one shower for your personal use after the class, if you would wish to use it. You are advised to arrive ten minutes before the class starts. If you can, sign up for the class in advance to ensure your spot. If there is a class in progress, the front door will be locked. Please take a seat outside and your teacher will unlock the door at the conclusion of the class.

Class Styles

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga to relax and heal!

A slow and relaxing class. Includes both practice of postures and breathing techniques. The practice incorporates postures from hatha, Iyengar, Yin and slow flow vinyasa styles. Perfect for beginners or students who seek mental or physical healing through practice.

Class goals: building a sensitive, delicate relationship with the body by tuning into its requirements for each posture; healing and recovering the body and the mind; balancing active practice or stressful lifestyle; bringing peace to the heart.

Foundation Yoga

Foundation Yoga to build technique and ground!

A slower paced but yet challenging class in which the students will learn various breathing techniques as well as physical postures. Postures will be held up to 5 breaths or two minutes in order to build strength and stability of form. The class level is beginner to intermediate.

Class goals: strengthening and detoxifying the body and the mind by focusing on detailed practice; improving the control over the breath; grounding and improving technique of simple to intermediate postures.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga to Flow and Play!

A creative and challenging class in which the students will build their practice into a flow of movements guided by the pace of their breath. The class is intermediate, however all students are welcome to take on the challenge. There might be given advanced options of postures such as inversions but also some modifications for beginners and alignment cues.

Class goals: building up a flow of moving meditation while focusing on rhythm of breath; strengthening and stretching the muscles while working out the whole body; playing with variations of postures to get to know the body and the mind.


Sensitive Yoga for Stress

SYS is a class specially designed to relief stress. The class may be beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD or general stress.
This is a gentle class that relies mainly on mindful movement, practice of choice and simple breath techniques.
This class is inspired by Trauma Sensitive Yoga style as delivered by TCTSY foundation, but may also include techniques of mindfulness, restorative postures and therapeutic aspects of Iyengar Yoga.

Class Goals: Reclaim your body and connect with yourself in a safe and supportive environment.


In Pilates classes we will focus on efficient muscle recruitment, control and range of motion, creating good alignment and appropriate movement for your body.

The class is fun and engaging and will leave you feeling mentally and physically revitalised and re-energised; educated and well aligned.


Meditation by donation

Meditation is a practice of stillness and self-observation.
 In this class we will explore the practice of mindful meditation. Using a number of different techniques from breathing, to sensory awareness, visualisation, mantra, affirmation etc. Each technique will help bring both the body and mind into a present state of awareness, increasing a feeling of calm and inner connection.

All levels are welcome; no experience of mediation or pranayama (breath practice) is required to join in. Come to recharge, re-centre and awaken your energy bodies.

This class is running by donations only and is not included in the ASY membership.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga philosophy is a community reading group. In this session we will read and discuss traditional Yogi texts as well as ideas from the ASY inspirational blog or other philosophical ideas brought up by the group.

This is an opportunity to ask questions about the philosophical aspect of Yoga, have a meaningful conversation within our community and take the time for ourselves to think authentically.

We may discuss: philosophical Yogi ideas; questions about the physical practice as well as meditation and pranayama; related personal experiences of those who wish to share.
We will not discuss: religious or political views; any inappropriate content; any content which the teacher or at least one member of the group does not feel comfortable discussing.

This class is running by donations only and is not included in the ASY membership.

Want to try Yoga?

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