Not sure about your Warrior 2? Want to finally understand what to do with your hips in Side-Angle pose? Do you struggle to balance and using a block doesn’t seem to help? Maybe you want to clear your mind by observing your body or you are just keen to try out more variations of working with your Yoga props?


Join us for a professional, grounded and fun workshop, exploring standing postures with the use of props and other methods of supported practice.


In this two hour session you will:
– Learn why and how to use props in our standing postures practice
– Learn new variations and approaches to basic postures
– Explore ways to practice together in pairs and small groups

You will leave this workshop with a deeper, more detailed understanding of standing Yoga asana practice.


Date and Time: January 20th, 2-4 PM
Investment: $40, 15% off for members

What to bring? Your most authentic self
What to expect? You will never look at your triangle pose the same…


The workshop suits all levels of practice!



Anna Bukchin is a Yoga teacher, a writer and ASY’s founder. Anna completed her first teacher training in an Iyengar based style of Yoga in Israel, in 2012. She later kept seeking to deepen her knowledge by training in all various styles of Yoga in: Russia, France, India and Australia.

Anna believes that the Yoga practice is a detailed and sensitive observation of the simplest things; this observation creates an authentic connection to the self which offers great joy and healing. Anna enjoys helping and inspiring her students through teaching Yoga.

She is excited to share her Iyengar-based precise understanding of standing postures in this upcoming workshop, to help you deepen your practice.


Standing postures are believed to be the foundation of the Yoga asana (posture) practice. Standing postures build strength in the legs and core, encourage discipline and focus, and develop self-confidence through challenging the mind.

On the anatomical level, those postures also increase flexibility and range of movement in the legs and hips; this further prepares the body to attempt deeper seated and reclined forward folds and back bends.

Standing postures include also balance postures, some twists and some inversions. Understanding standing postures and the way they work is a key to progress in your practice!

Supporting our practice with props, observing and assisting each other while practicing in pairs and groups will help us to unpack those postures in detail and will allow a deep insight into how to finally do them right!

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