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Hello and welcome to Active Sanctuary’s Online Yoga School. If you are far away or don’t have time to get to our studio, you can still enjoy some authentic and professional Yoga practice at home. You are welcome to choose from five themed classes in various lengths for your convenience. You can practice these online classes anytime, anywhere and the good thing about recorded classes is that you can repeat them as much as you like and scroll back if you missed out on some important details.

We offer Free, short foundation and audio recorded tutorials and also full length classes for a small fee. Modifications for beginners are offered in all classes.

You are welcome to enjoy our Hips & Shoulders – Alignment Flow full length class for FREE.

Hips & Shoulders – Alignment Flow

This class is all about creating space in the hips and shoulders while building alignment and learning the principles of practicing Asana (Yoga postures). This sequence is short and approachable for all levels of practice. You can enjoy this tutorial any time during your day.

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Long and Stretchy – Energising Flow

In this class we will build a lot of length in the front and the sides of the body. We will move through a heating flow to create space for deeper, more advanced stretches and back bends. This is a great morning practice sequence but can be attempted at any time of the day.

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Flowy Hips – Stress Relief Sequence

In this class we will target the lower body: hips, pelvis and legs. We will learn how to create space and movement in the hips in order to release stress and anxiety.

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Restorative Flow – Offer a Gift to your Body!

This is a fun and healing practice. Demonstrated by Anna at the beautiful Elwood beach, Melbourne. This sequence is both relaxing and energetic, includes breath and visualisation practice as well as various postures. It will leave you with a deep feeling of authentic connection.

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Twist Detox – Awakening sequence

This class is dynamic and heating. Twists are great preparation for deeper back bends, they are detoxifying and great for digestion and fatigue. This sequence is a bit more challenging but modifications for beginners are offered in the tutorial.

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Free foundation tutorials

Do you want to set up a good foundation? Do you want to understand the principles of practice before you jump into the world of complicated shapes and postures? Do you want to make sure your alignment is consistent throughout your practice?

These are few short tutorials to learn the principles of several groups of postures. You will encounter those groups of postures frequently in your practice and this is an opportunity to actually get them right!

How to Do a Vinyasa?

‘Vinyasa’ refers to a series of postures connected together in a sequence. In the west, we commonly use the term ‘Vinyasa’ to indicate a particular sequence of postures. This sequence is commonly performed in between postures or ‘flows’ and is performed in a pace of one movement for each breath. (for example, plank pose will be performed on an inhale, the following exhale will be used in order to transit to the next pose, cheturanga. The following inhale will be used to lift the upper body into a back bend).

In this tutorial, you will learn the details and alignment of three variations of ‘Vinyasa’: Modified Cheturanga, Full Cheturanga Vinyasa and Ashtanga Namaskar variation.’

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Free Audio Pranayama and Relaxation Recordings

Pranayama, or breath control practice calms the nervous system, helps us achieve the meditative state of mind that is required for our practice and balance all of the systems in the body.

Here are few short Pranayamas that you can add to your daily routine.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

A short tutorial explaining how to perform Nadi Shodana, alternate nostril breathing. An exercise that balances the energetic channels in our subtle body.

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4 – 8 Count Breath

A simple breathing exercise that helps reducing blood pressure and bring the mind into a meditative state.

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Full Yogi Breath

A simple breathing technique that helps us to use the full capacity of our lungs and rejuvenate our respiratory system.

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Viloma 1

Full Yogi Breath variation. Breath retention during the inhale.

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Viloma 2

Full Yogi Breath variation. Breath retention during the exhale.

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All recorded classes are priced 6.99 AUD for a download. Once you downloaded the class you will be able to access it an unlimited amount of times.

You can purchase classes individually or download all four classes for 19.99 AUD.

*Extra transaction or other fees may apply according to your bank account or Paypal settings.

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