At Active Sanctuary,we love to talk to our members and support them through their personal Yoga journey!

Nashy have been practicing Yoga with us since January 2018. He supports the journey of our new little studio from day one and we are delighted to have the opportunity to give back and put him on our spot light this month.

Even though Nashy tried Yoga for the first time only few month ago, he decided to join our autumn challenge last month. Nashy successfully completed 21 days of practicing Yoga and cleansing the body through a challenging food detox. Impressive…


Let’s hear what Nahsy has to say about Active Sanctuary Yoga and his personal Yoga experience.


Q: What brought you to the mat in the first place?

A: I wanted to try something different, something that I haven’t done before.

Q: What made you choose to join our 21 day challenge?

A: Before the challenge, I enjoyed regular classes in the studio for few months. I could feel the progress in my posture and movement and decided that I am ready to take my practice to the next level! I am very happy that I did that and completed the challenge.

Q: How do you feel now after completing your 21 day challenge?

A: It is a mix of different feelings… I feel relieved but also satisfied, I completed something that I never done before! I felt like it was a true challenge.

The food detox made me experiment with different recipes and taught me how to make meals I never tried before. That was really enjoyable! Also, I feel that the challenge really tested my body which is what I liked the most. Now I feel more calm and cleansed in my body.

I am looking forward to taking on another challenge with ASY in November!

Q: Did you find it hard to commit to 21 days of practice and detox?

A: I actually was quite surprised with myself, I thought it will be harder for me! But I received a lot of support and helpful information from Anna. I think that the first 3-4 days are the hardest and then you kind of start getting into this routine and you just get used to it.

Q: Still, what was the hardest thing for you during the challenge?

A: Definitely not eating chocolate!

Q: So do you feel you reached your challenge goals?

A:  Yes! My goal was to improve in my Yoga postures and I think that practicing everyday for three weeks in a row is the best way to get there. I can really feel a significant change in my practice.

After the challenge, I can do postures I could never do before. Like crow pose!

Q: Why do you like our studio in particular?

A: I really like the friendliness of not only the teachers but also the students. There is a very good community feel in this space. Everyone are willing to help each other out and I feel that the classes are very well tailored for everyone’s strengths and, I guess also, weaknesses.

After class, we enjoy to socialise over a cup of tea and it is a good way to make new friends. I really hope that my housemates Victor and Rob will join in too!



Thank you Nashy! We appreciate you being a part of our authentic community.


Do you want to experience similar changes in your practice? Are you looking for a friendly and supportive place to practice Yoga in?

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