Flying all the way from the European summer to Melbourne’s winter left my body with undeniable discomfort that lasted more than a week. I felt sick, confused and cold. My body just could not fall asleep at night or stay awake when I really needed it to function.

Here are few Yogi tricks that helped me go through this exhausting week and prevented this condition from continuing even longer.


First of all, I must say that this experience of a jet lag was the strongest I had so far, even though I do travel frequently. This time I just had to get back to work straight away, assumed that it will just all turned out fine, got distracted straight away by new plans…

Excuses, excuses…

I completely underestimated the tremendous shock my body been through because of a half a planet long travel. Not my biggest glory story!

So, tip number 1. – DON’T BE LIKE ME! DEAL WITH YOUR JET LAG EARLY! Straight away even. Just because we are Yogis doesn’t mean that our body can easily conquer everything. We need to stay sensitive and keep a nourishing eye even on a body that feels healthy most of the time.


Once you are on to fighting your jet lag, here is what you do:


GENTLE Practice: After getting off what is an almost two day long flight the body is craves practice. But the muscles are so tight and you feel physically and mentally exhausted. So what should you practice? Even if you desperately want to wake up and catch up on what you’ve missed while being on holiday, this isn’t the time for strong postures! Adding sore-from-exercise muscles to the rest of the symptoms is really not great. (Yes, I’ve done that as well – oopsy…)

Here is the sequence I came up with during my experience. I repeated it every day and it worked like magic:

1. Lying Twist – Start moving 

2. Seated Forward Fold – Say hello to your back

3. Diagonal Extension – Bring that spine back in line

4. Calf Stretch – It’s been too long of a seat

5. Downward Dog – Because we can’t do without

6. Lunge with Shoulder Opener – Fight the stiffness

7. Side Stretch – Get back to your true length

8. Standing Back Bend – Let it go

9. Squat – Hello thighs

10. Butterfly Pose – Hello hips and groins

11. Happy Baby – Stay positive

12 and last. Relaxation –Allow yourself to rest (at least 5 minutes)

You can modify any of these poses or switch some of them with your personal favourites. The main advice here is to give a little bit of love to all the major muscles without going too deep or sticking around too long for any posture-group; keep the practice a little bit more shallow and refreshing.


What else can you do?!


MEDITATION – Nights are hard: you can’t sleep but you are also too tired to do anything at this late hour. Well instead of just lying there waiting for it to be over – meditate. You can meditate while lying in bed. Just close your eyes and try to focus on your breath, let any thoughts that come to your mind pass through you peacefully.

It’s a win-win, either you are going to fall asleep or you might just end up progressing in your meditation practice!


BACH FLOWERS LOVER? – OLIVE is your cure. Put 4 drops of ‘Olive Bach Flower Essence’ in a glass of any drink. Repeat four times a day, more or less. It might just get you to the right level of exhaustion to fall asleep or wake you up like a coffee would have.

Bach Flowers work on your energy body, so the essence will tune into your vibes. It is better than coffee… DON’T DRINK COFFEE! Really, don’t.. It only seems that coffee can solve the problem but it actually makes things worse. Coffee craves come at the wrong hours when it comes to jet lag… Natural essences are just much more in tune with you!

Have no idea what I am talking about?!

Go to any pharmacy or naturopathic shop and ask for ‘Olive Bach Flower Essence’, or ask me!


INTO ESSENTIAL OILS? – PEPPERMINT is my favourite. Rub few drops onto your temples to keep concentrated throughout the day. Or, put few drops of peppermint essential oil at the bottom of your shower before turning the hot water on. This last one is amazing! That peppermint-steamed shower will definitely wake you up!


Have more questions? Enquiries? Suggestions on how to deal with a jet lag? Comment or contact me!

Hope this article comes in service to you!




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