If you are looking to learn how your body works, increase your flexibility or reduce stress, this workshop is for you!

Our pelvis is a central junction in our body, it connects our upper and lower parts. Did you know that tightness in the hips is often responsible for restricted range of movement in our back or legs?
Mentally, our pelvis is the area where our lower energy centres reside. These centres are responsible for our sense of confidence and safety within ourselves; they also may store access stress and anxiety.

When the hips are tight the heart is heavy!

This two hour master class is all about letting go of physical and mental stagnation. Through accurate practice of all kinds of hip openers. We will work towards releasing all that we repress and bring some peace to the heart.

The workshop may include assists, work in pairs or small groups and the use of props. It is largely (however not only) inspired by the precision of asana practice as it is delivered in the Iyengar Yoga tradition. This master class is catered professionally to all levels of practice by our studio founder, Anna.

About Anna

Date and Time: Sunday, October 27th, 2-4 PM
Investment: $40, 15% off for ASY members

Join us to de-stress, stretch and get to know yourself better!

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