We are so proud of all challengers who have completed our 21 day Yoga-Detox program this November.

It is not easy to make a determined decision and stick to it, so well done you all!


In particular, we wanted to bring the spot light on our dedicated member, Fuschia O’Shea. Fuschia have been a member with us for the past six months. She is a one strong woman who has completed the full program (21 Yoga classes and a three weeks length strict, clean diet) while still working full time and looking after her busy teenager boy all by herself.


At ASY, we love supporting our members and talk to them about their experience with us.

Do you want to hear what Fuschia had to say after completing our challenge? Read through for the full interview!


Q: Well done Fuschia! Tell us your first thoughts after the challenge. How do you feel?

A: I feel much better! I probably am much more flexible and feel stronger.


Q: That’s great to hear. How did your practice changed during the challenge?

A: Before the challenge, I was only practicing 2-3 times per week. Adding the Wednesday night Pilates sessions to my schedule, really helped with my core work. I was too scared to try on this class before the challenge! But the challenge kind of forced me to do it… I had to ft it in to reach my challenge goals. And it turned out to be very good!


Q: How about our cleansing diet challenge?

A: It’s been really good as well. I realised I was eating out of habit because I thought I couldn’t cook vegetarian food as well. But now I feel that the habits are kind of gone and it really changed the way I think about food and my body in general.


Q: What was the biggest challenge for you during these past few weeks?

A: The main hurdle was definitely the ‘no coffee’ rule. I had few torturous days at the start: I had lots of headaches… But it made me understand that I don’t want to have it ever again! I actually feel like I have more energy now than when I was drinking coffee.


Q: Wow that’s such a big change! So what was your main goal coming into this experience?

A: I think my main goal was to gain more energy and it is definitely happened.


Q: It has been 6 months since you first joined our community. What a journey you’ve been through to now complete the challenge with us. Fuschia, your body looks amazing! I can see the significant changes the practice have given you. What would you say you like the most about our studio?

A: I’ve been to other studios previously and I think Active Sanctuary is much better. In other classes I’ve tried previously, I felt a lot more pressure to get into poses that were quite scary. This place is much more supportive and allowing me to go with what my body wants to do and learning step by step.

I think that only when I feel confident you allow me to go further into more challenging postures. There are just much more options for my level of practice! I feel much more comfortable and relaxed here. It is not so ego based as I previously experienced.


Q: So what would be your favourite class now?

A: I think now it is probably Pilates!


Q: Haha sounds like you got addicted!

A: Yes but sometimes I need more distressing practice after a big day at work and the foundation classes are really good as well. I just love all of it!


Thank you Fuschia for being such a valued part of our community and for your kind words today.


Fuschia says she is definitely up for our next challenge in May 2019. Stay tuned for details and join her at our next challenge intake.


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