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Move Your Prana! – Energetic Yoga Flow Workshop

We all have so much in common! We all arrive on the mat with some back story… Come to recharge your prana, let go of any negative energy from the passing year and look forward filled with positive vibes.

Pranayama – The Art Of Breath

Sunday special class! Join us for an hour of breathing and connecting to the energy of life!

Ashram Getaway – Authentic Day Retreat

Join us for a Sunday full of connecting to nature and the traditional roots of Yoga at Wombat State Forest, just a short drive from Melbourne.

21 Day Yoga-Detox Challenge, November Intake

This last month of spring is a great time to cleanse and rejuvenate the body in preparation for summer. Join our community as we challenge ourselves for 21 days of detox through Yoga and Pilates. We are hear to support you on the way to reach your goals!

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