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On Recovery and Self-Love

As Yogis we must understand that any posture we attempt on the mat is happening upon us; it is not something we do or take, it is something we accept and invite. Here are few words from your teacher on the benefits of recovery and some useful practical tips on how to do it right!

How to Fight a Jet Lag the Yogi Way?

Flying all the way from the European summer to Melbourne’s winter left my body with undeniable discomfort. Here are few Yogi tricks that helped me go through this exhausting week!

Hands On Your Asana Alignment 

[Unpacking alignment cues that seem to go in and out of fashion] ✨✨✨ This month I felt the need to get a little bit more technical. Teaching and practicing in a fair bit of studios for the past ten years, I got to hear a lot of different cues and learn many variations...

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