At Active Sanctuary we love supporting our members through their Yoga journey. We hear their feedbacks after classes and watch them grow as their body changes, their Yogi-mind takes over and their overall well-being improves.

This month we had the chance to talk to our member Kate Fraser. Kate joined our studio for the first time in April this year and been loving it ever since! Kate is now practicing regularly, taking on few Yoga and Pilates classes per week. She is also a much appreciated member of our growing community. Let’s hear what Kate has to say about her experience at Active Sanctuary!

Q: Why Yoga?

A: I wanted to stretch and get more fit. Also, I was interested in the meditative side of things: distressing and relaxing.

Q: What do you love about the practice?

A: Emm… Everything! I just love how good I feel afterwards.

Q: So how does it feel after you finish a class?

A: Much more relaxed and toned. After working all day I feel that I have stretched my body and… I suppose I feel that I am much more opened up.

Q: What do you think is so special about Active Sanctuary?

A: The class sizes are small which is what I like. It is nice and close which is really convenient. I like the music… and I like the mixture of all the different class styles!

Q: So what is your favourite class?

A: I’m not sure… I really enjoy them all! I really like the Power classes because it helps me stretch and go a bit harder but then I really like Pilates as well because I am trying to work on my core muscles. And then… I like the more Restorative and meditative classes where we focus mainly on relaxing and breathing. And there are workshops as well!

I love the Philosophy that comes with it in all the classes; talking about it and thinking about the reasons we do the poses helps me to concentrate and learn a bit more. It is just such a nice small space and it is very welcoming.


Thank you Kate! Keep up with your practice, you are doing awesome!


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