Our studio is just getting ready to take on another 21 day challenge this November!

We love talking to our community and supporting each other’s practice.


Here are some thoughts and tips from one of our favourite Yoga teachers, Marie.

This is also an opportunity for you to get to know Marie and her personal Yoga journey.


Read through for the full interview!


Picture 1 : Dolphin Pose


Q: Why Yoga?

A: In all honesty, it was because I was really stressed. I always thought about trying Yoga but I didn’t know how much I needed it. My partner’s brother is also a Yoga teacher and he made me come to his class one day. He was like, ‘come! It’s for free!’ and after that class… It was the feeling in my body… It was like magic! From that moment I just kept coming back.

After practicing for a bit I felt much less stressed and anxious, my body felt better and I decided that this is a gift I want to share with others!


Q: What do you like about our studio, Active Sanctuary Yoga?

A: It is a beautiful community space, it is inviting and it feels warm. Active Sanctuary is set in a way that it allows to build a relationship with the students. We get to know each other and I love that feeling!

It feels like a safe place to practice all aspects of Yoga in.


Q: What is your practice routine?

A: Every single morning I meditate for at least ten minutes. This is like the coffee in my life: I can’t live without it!  And then I practice at home at least three times a week. At no particular hour, just whenever it sparks. I don’t put a time on it or stress about it: it can be 10-60 minutes, I just let it flow.

I also try and go to other teacher’s classes at least three times a week to challenge myself and learn new things, so I don’t get stuck in my own patterns.


Q: What is your favourite Yoga posture?

A: Oh that’s a hard one… I’d say all of them but that’s not true! I have  a love-hate relationship with some postures. At the moment I am at war with dolphin pose (downward facing dog on the forearms, Picture 1). I hate it! But it is within the challenge of the pose that you find your love for it.

Actually… If I can pick any pose that would be upward-facing dog (urdva mukha shvanasana, Picture 2). I just love that although your heart is very open in the pose, because you are so grounded, you have the earth to support you. I love that gesture of this pose!


Picture 2: Upward-Facing Dog


Q: So after five years of practice, what advice would you give to the Yoga newbie?

A: Don’t be too hard on yourself! Yoga isn’t all that serious so make sure you’re laughing and having fun with it too.


Q: That is so true! We are about to start our NOVEMBER 21 DAY CHALLENGE. What tip can you give our challengers?

The challenge is about that discipline you can find within yourself. Be gentle with yourself: if you just make this gentle promise to yourself to be here, you will gain the rewards of the challenge. It is just about showing up, even if your practice is only a child’s pose. Showing up on the mat is the hardest step!



Ready to make this promise to yourself? Show up for our 21 Day Yoga-Detox Challenge!

Check out all the details HERE


Liked what Marie has to say? Come and try out her class every Sunday, 10:00 AM: Restorative Yoga to all levels. Book your spot HERE

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