How To Eat ‘Baddies’ All Year And Still Stay An Authentic Yogi?

Yoga is not about what you eat. It is about staying close to yourself and your own truth. Check out Anna’s idea of a healthy diet and get some tips for your seasonal cleanse!

Move Your Prana! – Energetic Yoga Flow Workshop

We all have so much in common! We all arrive on the mat with some back story… Come to recharge your prana, let go of any negative energy from the passing year and look forward filled with positive vibes.

Pranayama – The Art Of Breath

Sunday special class! Join us for an hour of breathing and connecting to the energy of life!

Ashram Getaway – Authentic Day Retreat

Join us for a Sunday full of connecting to nature and the traditional roots of Yoga at Wombat State Forest, just a short drive from Melbourne.

Not Afraid Of Commitment? – New pricing option available!

We are now offering a special pricing option for the students who wish to practice regularly and are ready to commit to a long term. Purchase one year of unlimited yoga upfront for membership price and get ONE MONTH OF FREE YOGA!

Sensitive Yoga for Stress

Active Sanctuary are proud to present a freshly designed class style for mental healing support.

21 Day Yoga-Detox Challenge, November Intake

This last month of spring is a great time to cleanse and rejuvenate the body in preparation for summer. Join our community as we challenge ourselves for 21 days of detox through Yoga and Pilates. We are hear to support you on the way to reach your goals!

Active Sanctuary – An Authentic Yoga Studio



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An authentic, boutique Yoga studio offering classes for all levels. We offer Power, Foundation and Restorative Yoga classes as well as Pilates, community Meditation and Yoga philosophy classes.


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On Momentum, Chaos and Control

I call it momentum: everything goes into a bit of a chaos but the task in hand could’ve not gone any neater. Once you gained momentum in your flow: you just want to keep going. It becomes satisfying and effortless. Even if your posture is not perfect, your life is a bit pear-shaped and your Yogi-neighbour is too sweaty, you suddenly gain balance you didn’t know existed in you.

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