How to conquer fear and get everything you want in life

A quick four-step guide for those, like me, who are not brave, rich or have it all figured out. And a little bit about how our studio was born!

2019 Timetable Released!

We are offering 15 weekly classes for you to choose from in 2019!

The 8 Limbs of Yoga Immersion – 8 week course

Immerse yourself in authentic Yoga practice…

Stand Your Ground – First workshop of the year

Standing postures are believed to be the foundation of the Yoga asana (posture) practice. Standing postures build strength in the legs and core, encourage discipline and focus, and develop self-confidence through challenging the mind.

Ashram Getaway – Authentic Day Retreat

10% OFF if you book before the end of the year!!!
Join us for a Sunday full of connecting to nature and the traditional roots of Yoga at Wombat State Forest, just a short drive from Melbourne.

Not Afraid Of Commitment? – New pricing option available!

We are now offering a special pricing option for the students who wish to practice regularly and are ready to commit to a long term. Purchase one year of unlimited yoga upfront for membership price and get ONE MONTH OF FREE YOGA!

Active Sanctuary – An Authentic Yoga Studio



Active Sanctuary


An authentic, boutique Yoga studio offering classes for all levels. We offer Power, Foundation and Restorative Yoga classes as well as Pilates, community Meditation and Yoga philosophy classes.


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